Beastie Boys Vs Bob Marley : Could you be intergalactic from Bootleg Style ✂ on Vimeo.

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Video censored & uncensored by Youtube.

- Beastie Boys - Intergalactic - 1998
- Bob Marley - Could you be loved - 1979

Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys - “So What’cha Want? A Whole Lotta Love!” (BRAT Mashup) from Daniel Barassi on Vimeo.

Led Zeppelin - “Whole Lotta Love” (c)Atlantic
Beastie Boys - “So What’cha Want” (c)Grand Royal/EMI

Another Mashup from Daniel Barassi / BRAT Productions. Download this (and all my mashups) for free at

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Closer by NIN - Covered by Kawehi from Kawehi on Vimeo.

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was fresh out of high school, driving with the windows down to my job at Jamba Juice from Waikiki beach. I could feel the sun on my skin from laying out - and I still smelt of salt water. I’m sure I was running late to work (sorry, Malia!). And then this song comes on the radio. I remember pulling over on the side of the street - I’ve never heard anything like it up to this point. And my initial response was bigger than “I like this song” or “I don’t like this song.” It was a feeling that took over, a sense of wonder and unfamiliarity.

Paul and I really wanted to change things up - because change is always a good thing. Dare to do something that you’d never think of doing. After receiving Ableton, I thought the best way to learn how the hell to use it was by doing a video. It helped - I love how Ableton gives you endless possibilities to create music. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Northern Light’s in Tromsø Norway from Fritz Dällenbach on Vimeo.

two Nights of fantastic Northern Lights, a dream.

On tour with:


Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8
Tripod: Manfrotto MT0557C4

Software: LRTimelapse, Lightroom 4.4, Corel Video Studio X6 Pro

Freaks // Official Music Video from Grant Howard on Vimeo.

"Freaks" is the dark pop, smash hit single from the super-group The Hawk In Paris. The song has been featured on ABC’s "Dirty Little Liars". The video premiered at

Check out the band at:

Directed by Grant Howard
Cinematography- Paul Williams
Visual Effects- Ben Vaatstra

Cal Newport: “Follow Your Passion” Is Bad Advice from 99U on Vimeo.

American culture is obsessed with the idea that we need to “find our passion” in order to be happy and successful. But there’s a problem: “It’s astonishingly bad piece of advice,” says best-selling author Cal Newport. We have no pre-existing passion. Instead, passion is found by first building a rare and valuable talent and using it to take control of your career path. In other words, be so good and work so hard that no one can ignore you.

About Cal Newport

Cal Newport is an author and a professor computer science at Georgetown University. His writing focuses on unconventional advice for life in school and after graduation. His most recent book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, argues that “follow your passion” is bad advice. Newport’s writing and ideas regularly appear in major publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Post, and Inc. Magazine.

Pixadores from James Post on Vimeo.

Dir. Amir Escandari | D.O.P Peter Flinckenberg | Production company: Helsinki-Filmi

We need to talk about cinema from Ali J. Dalloul on Vimeo.

A trip through more than 150 films and soundtracks from all around the world.
We need to talk about cinema,not wars.
Editor : Ali J. Dalloul .

The Lovers from Kendy on Vimeo.

A strange girl can see in the future and shares her perception of life.

With Caroline Fauvet

Music by Hammock/”Like a Valley with No Echo”

English translation by
Olivia Bonnamour

Written/Filmed/Directed/Edited and Post produced by
Kendy Ty

A Moment With - Choki Lindberg from BLACKBIRD Film on Vimeo.

We love Choki Lindberg´s photographs of settings with careful attention to lighting, textures, colours and details.
What we see are actually meticulously crafted scale models of spaces that, when photographed, create a “condensed reality”. Strange and beautiful spaces that leave room for us to associate freely.

Choki Lindberg -


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